I would highly recommend Andy as a Personal Trainer, since joining the gym and having regular PT sessions it has changed my views on the gym and given me the motivation I was somewhat lacking!

I plucked up the courage to contact Andy about some personal training sessions and at the time I was nervous. I had, had previous experiences of PTs at different gyms and they weren’t the best and left me feeling like it wasn’t for me.

Andy is very friendly, personable and welcoming, and has a good sense of humour! Each session is different but also motivating . I never thought I would be able to use half the equipment and keep motivated but I have. Andy works with you and gives you the confidence to keep going. I have had niggles of sore joints etc and he has adapted the programmes to work round the issues. I feel confident enough to go to the gym on my own and don’t feel intimidated using weights now as I now know how to use them correctly!! Ive been working with Andy for a year and I feel so much more positive and healthier!

October last year I was encouraged (by my far fitter other half) to go for just one personal trainer session. Under protest I went, was introduced to Andy. “If you don’t enjoy it I won’t make you go again”

I did enjoy it and I’m still going. It’s a testament to Andy that he has kept my attention. I’m nearly there on two of my three goals, loose a stone, move a stone. And I’m well on my way to achieving my third. Fit enough to run a 10k in under an hour, without stopping. Just goes to show with the right instruction you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I’ve been training with Andy for nearly three years (Almost 100 sessions). He is genuinely interested in helping you achieve your goals. His knowledge, experience and friendliness are the reasons he stands out from the PT pack.  Personally speaking it’s like meeting a mate to go training and going to the gym is now an enjoyable part of my weekly routine.

If motivation, flexibility and a personal approach are what you are looking for in a PT then Andy is the trainer for you. Andy is focused on helping you achieve your goals and will make every training session challenging for you. My fitness has increased noticeably since i have been training with Andy . I have seen vast improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups / core exercises and lift progressively heavier weights and generally push myself harder. Andy always ensures that my technique is correct and has also taught me so much about nutrition and eating healthy. I look forward to my training sessions and always leave feeling exhilarated. I can highly recommend Andy if you are looking to improve health and fitness.

I have been training with Andy over the past year. I initially decided that I would like to have PT sessions to improve my strength and tone. I did introduce myself as somebody who doesn’t like to sweat or get out of breath during a workout – so a bit of a challenge for Andy !! What has surprised me is how much I enjoy the sessions with Andy and the big improvement in my overall strength, tone and fitness.

Andy provides a tailored weekly workout which I can then complete on subsequent visits to the gym. I now have more confidence in my ability to use the free weights and machines. The program is varied so it keeps the workouts fresh and relevant as he will adapt it if there is a particular area that I want to work on. Andy is a great motivator and the workouts are hard work but fun.

Andy is also very knowledgeable on nutrition and diet and will provide support in these area as part of the sessions.

Andy puts a lot of effort into setting up the programs and always texts the night before a session to check all is OK - just as you are about to bite into that large chocolate bar!!! I would definitely recommend Andy as a personal trainer.

I have been training with Andy for nearly eleven years now and I would love to say I've enjoyed every minute of it but that would be a lie! What I will say though is that with Andy's encouragement and good humour, I always leave our PT sessions feeling energised and motivated.

I’ve been training with Andy for around a year now. Before that, I had no clue how to use any of the gym equipment and it took me a good while to pluck up the courage to ask for help! I needn’t have worried; Andy’s friendly and approachable nature put me at ease from the start.

I have learned such a lot from Andy in a short space of time. I am truly astonished at the progress I have made. Andy has given me the confidence to push myself further than I could have ever imagined and thanks to his help, I have achieved results I would never have believed possible.

I really look forward to my weekly training session with Andy. I enjoy the workout, the friendly chat and I appreciate the level of detail and care Andy puts into his written workout summaries. I’m so glad I decided to train with Andy, one of the best decisions I have made! 

I originally self trained approx 5 times a week and yet didn't look much different or lose weight for the work I thought I was putting in. Then I met Andy and I can honestly say I have never had muscle tone develop before like it has since training with Andy. His sessions are varied and hardworking but enjoyable and he has helped me with diet and nutrition suggestions which have worked. I have lost weight and gained muscle definition, something I know wouldn't of happened on my own. Thanks Andy!

Over the last 18 months I have found Andy to be a professional, knowledgeable and experienced coach who takes his job seriously. He prepares for each session and ensures all sessions are varied, challenging and checks I am positioned correctly at all times. He also motivates and checks up on me between sessions...  I think Andy genuinely cares about the wellbeing and progress of his clients and would recommend him to anyone wanting to increase their fitness levels.

Andy has trained me for a number of years now and that is my vote of confidence in the value that Andy provides to my fitness. I find Andy’s relaxed approach combined with exercises that are challenging but achievable great in developing and maintaining my fitness. The sessions are enjoyable and has provided me with exercises that I can work on my own until the next session. One of the key benefits for me has been the variation in the exercises that provide a freshness to my own sessions in the gym.

I have trained with Andy for the last few years and I can honestly say that this has made an almost immeasurably positive difference to my life and fitness.

Thanks to his hard work, encouragement and positivity I have become much, much stronger and fitter, learning to lift quite heavy ( for me) weights and much more confident in accepting physical challenges- I have even, with Andy’s support, taken part in a 5k Race for Life after insisting for years that I did not run.

Our sessions are always different and they are always physically and mentally demanding- he isn’t noted for being a soft touch!- but always tailored towards the goal of improving my physical wellbeing.

Thanks to his support with nutrition I lost nearly a stone in weight and dropped a dress size.

Andy is exceedingly enthusiastic about his work, is very good-humoured and very, very motivational. I look forward to continuing my training with him, and can highly recommend him to anyone of any age wanting to get fitter and stronger. 

I've been working with Andy for 18 months. I'd been to the gym a couple of times in my life but never consistently. I own my own company, and travel abroad quite often. Fearful that I'd hit the midpoint in my life, recognising that the second half of my life would be harder physically than the first half, I got in touch with Andy. We train twice a week and I try to get to the gym on my own once a week. Most people would think going to the gym would be boring, but with Andy, I look forward to every session. Andy has developed my physical strength to levels I never thought possible. He started by assessing my skills, developed a carefully crafted weekly calendar of exercises to build my core strength. I wanted to improve my physique, posture, and strength. I've achieved all of that with Andy. The sessions are challenging, his approach is supportive, as well as directional (he wants the same results that you want). He's also a specialist in nutrition, which is very helpful, alongside all the helpful techniques of managing stress and sleep. Without any doubt, I would recommend Andy to anyone who needs a little or a lot of help!

Andy has been my personal trainer now for just over a year , he has changed the way I train completely ,  helping me to understand how to train in the best possible way to achieve the results I want.  He is very motivational, keeps me on track and has helped me reach goals i never expected to achieve.  Most importantly he is friendly and approachable, knows his stuff and keeps our sessions fresh and challenging which I love ! I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone looking for a personal trainer.

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